Inbound Marketing Gurus is part of the Future Marketing Gurus Group and is a specialist agency that helps takes care of your digital marketing needs, whether it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing, Landing Pages or Social Media.

Our experienced marketing teams analyze your website using powerful, specialized software that reports on all the key metrics required for optimizing your website for search engine and other visitor traffic. Using this information we are able to provide you with the key information to help ensure that your site gets noticed among competitors. Creating dynamic and efficient Landing Pages, our Inbound Marketing services team together with the email marketing team are able to drive more traffic to your site, and if you are want to make use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter we can help optimize these interactions as well.

Every fortnight we also send you a detailed report on your website statistics, including web site ranking, keyword efficiency, number of visits to your site and total number of page views, how many visits were generated by organic search, direct search, paid-for search (if using Google Adwords) and referral search. We can also report on how well your social media is performing, such as visits generated from Facebook and Twitter activity. If you are using Landing Pages we can report on the effectiveness of campaigns driving traffic to these pages and what forms or other documents were downloaded. We can also let you know how well individual e-mail marketing campaigns are performing or if your press releases were successful in driving traffic to your site.

Think of us as your very own in-house marketing agency but without all the hassle, expense and time required to employ people who you need to train, supervise and equip with the necessary resources in order to perform the required tasks.